• $5.6M of New Inventory in Edgewood Park Today

    As mentioned in earlier posts, two new listings just popped on the market here in Edgewood Park. 129 Warwick, a brand new, 3,000 sq. ft. gem, coming out of the gates at $2.45M; and, not to be outdone, in what maybe the priciest Edgewood Park home in a couple years, is 824 Arlington, at a whopping $3.199M. True, it’s quite the big house at 4,470 sq. ft. on a 15,680 sq. ft. lot.

    All I have to say is: Wow. Pretty heady prices. Is Edgewood Park slowly becoming a mini-Hillsborough? I hope not, cuz that would mean we’d have to turn in our sidewalks, and downtown, and be exposed to more drive-by snubbings. Hey, you hear that Hillsborough? Yeah, I’m talking to you. At least we have sidewalks and a downtown and we haven’t been infiltrated by some banker who’s green. Yet, anyways.

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