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    Posted on April 21st, 2008

    Written by Ed Gory


    Current Edgewood Park Listings – Time to Cut the Crusts Off

    Ok, so with the three current Edgewood Park listings languishing a bit, perhaps it’s time their owners make them “un-stale.” Best way to do that? A major price reduction.

    Now, granted, 964 Blandford, originally priced at $2.795M a mere 52 days ago, did reduce its price recently to $2.65M.  Was that really enough? Was there truth to the rumor that they got an offer early on in its listing life for $2.7M and turned it down? Don’t know for sure, but sellers these days really need to understand that sometimes the first offer may be the best offer they ever get. It’s a gorgeous house, with beautiful construction, no doubt, but $2.65M for only 3 bedrooms? For that kind of money, you could ostensibly go to Los Altos and get 5 bedrooms in a much hotter market.

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    129 Warwick, at $2.45M, is also still on the market. Another brand new home, 3400 sq. ft. on a 6750 sq. ft. lot.  No price reduction yet. It was bought 3 years ago for $905K, leveled, and out of the ashes comes this beautiful home.  Warwick’s a nice street, but I’d never imagine it could sustain a home priced that high.  Again, for that kind of money, you might be able to get more elsewhere. Does the seller really want to sell, or just maximize the profit margin? Time will tell.

    824 Arlington, probably one of the best streets in Edgewood Park (although Durlston Rd. is still my favorite), is priced at $3.199M, and at 4470 sq. ft. on a 15,680 sq. ft. lot, is a LOT of house.  I think, if this sells near its list price, it’ll be the most expensive home sold in Edgewood Park in a long time (at least since 711 Edgewood).  It has a lot of old world charm, which is one of the distinctive characteristics of Edgewood Park, and why these streets command the prices they do.


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