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    Posted on May 13th, 2008

    Written by Ed Gory


    New Listing — and Price Reductions — in Edgewood Park This Week

    What’s been going on in Edgewood Park, you ask? You mean, apart from some possibly overpriced listings (either that, or buyers that won’t budge because they think they’re overpriced), and some long-lasting construction projects (when WILL that home on Durlston be finished, anyway?)…well, finally, some overdue price adjustments on some, some still holding out hope for their list price, and a new listing.

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    903 Arlington — $1.55M – 3br/3ba, 2080 sq. ft. on a 9520 sq. ft. lot.  This place last sold about 2.5 years ago (Oct. 2005) for $1.385M, and it was originally listed THEN at $1.55M.  Doesn’t appear much has changed in that time period, buuuuuut….for being in the heart of the Edgewood Park neighborhood, it appears to be well priced.

    Price reductions

    964 Blandford: just lowered its price to $2.395M, which is $400K below its original list price.  Gorgeous home, new construction. Appears it’s maybe now priced appropriately


    129 Warwick: just lowered its price to $2.295M, which is $155K below its original. Another gorgeous new construction. But….that much for Warwick? Yet another thing that makes you go hmmmmmm..



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