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    Posted on June 19th, 2008

    Written by Ed Gory


    New Edgewood Park Listings – Week of 6/16

    Wow, what an interesting couple weeks it’s been.  Arlington, with at one point having 5 “for sale” signs within a 3 block stretch, had a listing pulled off the market (a $2.7M one), and a $3.1M one that was pending came back on the market. Blandford had one pulled off the market, only to be replaced shortly after with a really nice new one.  Here they are, in no particular order:

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    336 Edgewood Rd. – $1,395,000 – 4br/2.5ba – 2490 sf on a 5445 sf lot.  Wow, what great, classic architecture and character in this place.  Not much backyard space, but that’s more than compensated by the amount of front and sideyard space.  Its location on the corner of Warwick & Edgewood (where perhaps the “California stop” might have originated from) could be a drawback to some buyers, but for this price, to be in Edgewood Park, it’s not bad at all.

    110 Stratford St. – $2,350,000 – 4br/3.5ba – 4260 sf on a 6750 sf lot.  What an absolutely gorgeous remodel. The kitchen/great room and master suite are just to die for.  This home sold for about $1.525M, five years ago.  Can it possibly have appreciated over $800K in 5 years, with not really having done any significant addition/remodel/change?  I mean, from a dollar per square foot basis, it probably comps out above $2M — but is Stratford a $2M++ street? Time will tell.

    824 Arlington – $2,998,000 – 5br/4+ba – 4470 sf on a 15,680 sf lot.  This one came back on the market, after being pending when listed at $3.1M.  Lots of nice space  — but, similarly to Stratford, can this street sustain a $3M home?  I’m just thinking out loud, if you’re spending that kind of money, there’s lots of options in cities like San Carlos, Los Altos, Palo Alto…I’m just sayin’

    899 Blandford – $2,079,000 – 4br/4+ba – 3200 sf on a 10,492 sf lot.  Ok, first minor thing I’m curious about — why does the MLS listing say that it’s on “South Blandford”? I didn’t realize the street was so long that there was a “S.” and an “N.”   Anyway, it’s a very nice home — nicely updated, and a great, quiet street too.

    1926 Whipple Ave. – $1,999,999 – 4br/3.5ba – 2873sf on a 8488 sf lot.  This brand new home was constructed on the site where one home resided on two parcels (its newly constructed neighboring house will probably be coming on the market soon too).   A gorgeous, Tuscan-style house — but again, I rhetorically ask a similar question to before: $2M to be on Whipple? Ok, so it’s new and beautiful, yes, but if it was me — hmm, spending $2M and living on a busy street?  Nothing I could justify, but hey, that’s just me.




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