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    Posted on July 11th, 2008

    Written by Ed Gory


    New Edgewood Park Listings — and Other Changes

    It’s been awhile since there’s been some “fresh meat” on the market in our neighborhood. Which is why it’s nice to see something new in the Edgewood Park market, and equally interesting with some of the other changes going on – both sold and taken off the market.

    New to the market:

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    197 Wellesley Crescent – $1,699,888 – 3br, 2.5ba – 3000 sq. ft. on a 14,850 sq. ft. lot.  Awesome woodwork, spacious house, huge lot…and with a pool (a big bonus for hot days like this week).

    2514 Whipple Ave – $1,119,800 – 4br/2ba, 2062 sq. ft. on a 7800 sq. ft. lot. Nicely landscaped, and well updated and appointed.

    336 Edgewood Rd – Sale Pending (slated to close escrow at the end of this month)

    899 S. Blandford – Temporarily withdrawn from the market (supposedly back on in a couple weeks)

    129 Warwick – was sale pending, per my MLS was supposed to have closed escrow 6/23, but at least in our system hasn’t been yet (and the sign is still up, so it will probably won’t be too long).

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