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    Posted on August 18th, 2008

    Written by Ed Gory


    New(-ish) Edgewood Park Listings – Week of 8/17

    Back from a week’s vacation — hence the feigned disappearance off the face of the blogosphere.

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    So a small smattering of listings have come in the last couple weeks here in Edgewood Park. Here’s a sampling of them:

    340 Arlington Rd. – $1,875,000 – 3br, 2.5ba. 2480 sq. ft. on a large 11,880 sq. ft. lot.  Wow — this place just oozes charm and character from the 1920’s.  In just pristine condition, and very nicely landscaped.

    999 Blandford – $1,390,000 – 3br, 2ba. 2590 sf on a 11,400 sf lot. For my money, the best deal in Edgewood Park. Ok, so per its MLS description, it’s got “original integrity” — with my realtorspeak decoder ring, that means, maybe needs a little updating or has many single-paned windows here and there.  Either way, this one, in the  very heart of Edgewood Park, is my fav for the week.

    That’s it for this week — a good week, quality-wise, for new Edgewood Park listings. Now hopefully some of them will sell!

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