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    Posted on September 15th, 2008

    Written by Ed Gory


    What's For Sale in Edgewood Park

    Since it’s such a mix of re-listings and price reductions, it appears there’s really nothing especially “new” in terms of listings this past couple weeks. Although, I must say, in the past couple weeks the total inventory in Redwood City single family homes went from around 199 to about 215.

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    Here’s what’s currently active in Edgewood Park:

    110 Stratford: $2,250,000 (relisted: was $2,350,00 when last active)

    824 Arlington: $2,698,000 (relisted: was $2,798,000 when last active). Some of the pink has been toned down with a more neutral color, and price-wise, based on the size of the house and the large lot, this one’s got my vote for best relative value here in Edgewood Park (I say “relative”, only because it’s hard to think of “value” when one’s talking about multi-million dollar homes). Just my humble opinion anyway. I mean, come on, a 15,680 sf lot? That’s huge!

    197 Wellesley Crescent: $1,625,000 (reduced from $1,699,888): Nice place, on a 1/3 acre lot.

    340 Arlington: $1,875,000.  A nice place, with amazing touches and character.

    1009 Arlington: $1,750,000 (most recently $1.799M, and originally $1,950,000). A very nicely remodeled home. I’m a little shocked this one hasn’t sold yet either, but maybe with its new price it’s a bit more in line with market reality.

    1926 Whipple: $1,795,000. (reduced from $1,999,999). A gorgeous rebuild, I will say that. So apparently, it’s not just me that thought that $2M was a lot of money to be living on Whipple — hey, I know I’m not the only one who said that, and apparently the market said it as well. Nearly $1.8M though? Time will tell.

    999 Blandford: $1,390,000.  The lowest priced home in Edgewood Park right now, on a great street. I’m kind of shocked this home hasn’t sold yet. Granted it’s pretty original, but for the price, and the curb-appeal factor, this one’s high on my list.

    2514 Whipple: $1,089,000. (reduced from $1,119,800). Nicely updated. A couple doors from the corner of Alameda & Whipple (but probably close enough to Sequoia Hospital that my guess is you’d be on their power grid, so you won’t have to worry about losing power during blackouts (I know because I used to live close to there too, and that was the case)).

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