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    Posted on October 3rd, 2008

    Written by Ed Gory


    New Gory Details Podcast — Special Meltdown Episode!


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    This month: Special Financial Meltdown Episode and 2-Year Anniversary Episode

    On this, the two year anniversary of the Gory Details Podcast….the longest running real estate podcast here in San Mateo County, we are covering the oh-so-relevant topic of today’s economic situation and how it’s affecting the mortgage and real estate market

    And joining us today as our special guest to the Gory Details is a highly respected mortgage broker from Guarantee Mortgage, Mr. Adam O’Donnell
    Take a listen, because the Ocotober edition of “The Gory Details Podcast” is now available! 

     (1) iTunes users, get it right here
    (2) Or get it at http://edgory.podshow.com
    (3) And, always available at http://www.edgory.com

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