• Recent Sales in Edgewood Park – October & November

    I was actually almost tempted to call this post “What’s NOT Sold in Edgewood Park”. Seems like much of the inventory has been as quick to move as a statue.

    But then I see that we actually do have a few sales to talk about.  Here they are, in no particular order:

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    999 Blandford – listed for $1.39M; sold for $1.127M.  A great street, smack dab in the middle of the Edgewood Park neighborhood. Sure, it had some updating to do, but for even its list price, and relatively speaking, it was a fair price.

    1926 Whipple – listed for $1.795M (originally $1,999,999); sold for $1.715M.  A super nice, new construction home.

    937 Arlington – listed for $2.395M; sold for $2M.  A gorgeous home, and definitely the “deal” of the week — if you consider a $395K discount off list price a deal.

    Still on the market in Edgewood Park — some great homes, and great relative values.  WIth the current economy what it is, time will tell what these will eventually sell for. I can’t wait to find out!

    150 Warwick – $949K

    180 Oakdale – $2.195M 

    824 Arlington – $2.499M

    197 Wellesley Crescent – $1.595M

    1009 Arlington – $1.625M

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