• New Edgewood Park Listings – Spotlight on 610 Edgewood

    610 edgewoodSo, this week, I think everything else is overshadowed by the recent listing of what many people consider the crown jewel of Edgewood Rd.  This historic Williams Residence, at 610 Edgewood Rd., built in 1912, at 5,160 sq. ft., is I think (but anyone out there, correct me if I’m wrong), the biggest house in the Edgewood Park neighborhood.

    It is truly a masterpiece of architecture, character, order viagra uk and craftsmanship. You can’t help but walk around this house and just go “wow” at almost every turn.  The sound studio built in the back of the large garage is just world class as well. A very, very cool house (and at a list price of $3.95M, it’s probably the most expensive home listed in Edgewood Park to date). I mean, how many houses do you know that has an original elevator mechanism (powered by what looked like a car battery), in the middle of a voluminous play room, or a sound studio to rival P Diddy’s?

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    sound board

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