• Edgewood Park in the SF Examiner — Some Highlights

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    While I’d normally point directly to the link, the SF Examiner’s website — or particularly its real estate section — is sadly underwhelming. Kind of a bummer, because they do have good articles (and heck, I even got quoted in last week’s … but that’s for another blog post), and I always enjoy the writings of Larry Rosen (who tells it like it is, pulls no punches, and makes no apologies).

    So, I’ll go old school here, and just viagr a pfizer copy-and-paste.

    In last month’s Examiner (the weekend Real Estate section), they had a nice article giving props to our own Edgewood Park neighborhood (the article originally was focusing on the super nice listing at 946 Blandford).  Here were the highlights:

    “Underestimate Redwood City at your own peril.  Assume that the city whose motto proclaims ‘climate best by government test’ lacks charming neighborhoods and you reveal yourself as an unreliable source.  Redwood City, population 74,060, has a diversity of neighborhoods broad enough to please any buyer.

    While many Peninsula dwellers sing the praises of Redwood City’s rural Emerald Hills district, there are plenty of locals who appreciate the charm of Edgewood Park.

    One of Redwood City’s oldest neighborhoods, Edgewood Park is comprised of a few tree- and large, traditional home-lined residential streets buffered by Whipple Avenue to the south and Alameda de las Pulgas to the west.

    Edgewood Park shares its name with the 467-acre preserve at the neighborhood’s western edge. The park includes five separate hiking trails and features at least 10 rare or endangered plant species, including the once-plentiful San Mateo Thornmint.  Every weekend, generally from mid-March to mid-June, the Friends of Edgewood Park hold docent-led wildflower walks in the park.”

    Rock on, Edgewood Park!

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