• Housing Predictions – Americans vs. "Experts"

    In perusing the vast swath of RE articles on Alltop, I am always amused/perplexed/stupefied by the contradicting reports on housing predictions. Here’s two examples — which one do you side with?

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    “Experts Say Housing Recovery is Still Years Away”


    “58% of Americans Expect Housing Market to Recover After 2012”

    Good heavens! Who’s right here? American consumers, or self-anointed “experts”????

    Here’s what’s interesting: both articles quote the exact cheap viagra online usa same survey data obtained by Harris Interactive.

    Yet why the disparity? Easy — one writer is a glass half-empty person; the other is a glass half-full guy.

    Ms. Glass Half-Empty (MSNBC article) pulls primarily the negative datapoints to support her dour headline. Dour, attention-getting, headline….Prime example — she writes “Roughly 1 in 5 consumers said they expect it to be 2015 before there is a recovery in housing”. One in five?!?! One in five?!?!  I guess what I have a hard time believing, is, does a minority opinion constitute the over-arching truth? Or does it just make a good headline?

    And what about Mr. Glass Half-Full? Yes, he admits uncertainty in the market, but also points out “Fifty-eight percent believe recovery will happen after 2012”.  I don’t know about you, but methinks 58% is a majority, last time I checked my math textbook anyway.

    Who really knows what’s going to happen in the future, anyway, right? One thing for sure — much like the mortuary business (people will never stop dying), there will always be a need for places for people to live in (there’ll always be people “living”).

    Ecce homo, ergo elk.

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