• Your Home Is Overpriced.

    Overpriced Real Estate

    Four words a seller never wants to hear. And a message that us, as realtors don’t enjoy delivering to our clients.

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    However, it must be said, time and again, that this is a market of supply and demand. Influenced by economic factors, the job market, mortgage rates, and buyer attitude.

    Supply and demand. Let’s face it, if no one comes forth offering you the price you want …. your chances of getting your price are slim. The only person who feels it’s worth that price…is you.  And hence, your home is overpriced.

    Would it have been overpriced if you tried to sell it in 2004? Probably not, but guess what, the market (and world) has changed, and those “good old days” are long gone.

    If your agent is a good agent, he/she will tell you what you brand viagra professional NEED to hear, not what you want to hear. An agent who purposely overprices a home just to get the listing is doing the seller an immense disservice.

    “But my agent sold more homes in this area than anyone else”.

    That should only be the beginning. What’s more valuable — an agent who listed 32 homes and sold 25 – or an agent who listed twelve homes and sold all twelve.  So you need to ask yourself some questions: how many of his/her listings did not sell? How many were reduced over and over before they were sold? How long were the houses on the market?

    It’s all about supply and demand.  And pricing your home right the first time is key.

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