• Be On Your Toes – Brazen Crime in Edgewood Park

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    It’s happened before, and it happens again.  This time, fortunately, viagra fast some home break-in suspects were apprehended thanks to some brave citizen calling the police.

    This can and does happen in any neighborhood, of course, but it’s still shocking and a little scary to see it in our own backyard.  Always keep your eyes open for people who look like they’re up to no good.  And hide your valuables!!

    Police arrested three juveniles yesterday when information on a laptop the youths had led an officer to a Redwood City home where a computer had just been stolen — and two hours later, a separate burglary less than a mile away ended with the arrest of two suspects.  The 15-year old boys, all Redwood City residents, were arrested for the burglary on the 100 block of Turnsworth Ave (here in Edgewood Park).  An officer contacted the trio at about 10am because they appeared to be truants and discovered the laptop, police said.  The suspects had climbed through a window to enter the home, police said.  At about noon, a citizen reported seeing three people in front of her neighbor’s home on Fulton St.  Two of them went into the backyard and the third waited in front on a bicycle, the woman said.  Officers arrested 20-year old Melvin Argueta of Redwood City, who had a bicycle, in front of the home. Two other suspects ran out of the back of the home and began jumping fences. A 16-year old Redwood City boy was taken into custody on Birch St.  The third got away. A rock had been used to smash a window of the residence.

    Kudos to the citizen that reported this to the police!

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