• Finger Ave. Project Moving Forward After 7 Long Years

    The Finger Avenue Development is an infill project located 300 feet from El Camino Real parallel to Cordilleras Creek on the northern portion of Redwood City. Currently the property holds six homes of various sizes and ages. The property is surrounded by residential and commercial.  The project converts three large lots (1.7 acres total) into nine medium-sized lots with single-family homes on each. Each new lot ranges in size from about 6,000 square feet to 8,000 square feet. In fact, no new zoning is required for this project and it fits within the city’s current general plan.  The project also restores native vegetation on about 300 feet of the southern portion of Cordilleras Creek. The developer also says he is doing more to restore portions of the creek then the Friends of Cordilleras Creek have even attempted.

    Over the objections of community activist groups, Redwood City’s seven member city council this past Monday voted unanimously in support of a controversial development.

    The council’s approval of the Finger Avenue project culminates a eight-year battle between a development firm and a coalition of environmentalists and neighborhood groups who say the project is an eyesore that doesn’t fit the historic community’s character and imperils treasured creeks.

    The council vote followed a two-month delay intended to give the developer and community groups who’ve filed a lawsuit against the city in the hopes of blocking the project, to find common ground.

    With no such compromise at hand, the council took matters into their own hands, green-lighting the developer to build nine single family homes on the 1.7 acre parcel.

    Mayor Alicia Aguirre said she believes the community will benefit from the additional housing stock.

    “It’s a well constructed project,” Aguirre said. “The developer did meet all the requirements set by the city.”

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