• What’s It Take to Sell an Edgewood Park Home? It’s All About the 3 P’s!

    I recently had the pleasure of getting interviewed by Joe Cucciara for the RE360 radio show, on KDOW 1220 AM.  If you haven’t checked them out on Facebook, look them up here.

    In my segment, I spoke about the 3 key important things that sellers need to be on top of when they sell their home.  It’s what I call the 3 P’s: Presentation, Promotion, and Pricing.

    In today’s post, I’ll talk about the first P, Presentation (the other 2 P’s will follow in the subsequent 2 days).

    Everyone knows  the old adage that ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’.  It holds so true when trying to sell your home as well.  You as a seller may only have 90 seconds to get this right.  Because most homebuyers need only 90 seconds to make their minds up on whether or not they will consider your home. And this is why “presentation” is so key.

    Why concentrate on the “presentation” of your home?  Let’s put it this way: you dress for success, don’t you? You dress up for a job interview, a first date, right? Well, shouldn’t you do the same for your home when you’re selling it? Because that’s essentially what we’re talking about here: dressing up your home  – both inside and out – so that it goes from house for sale to house sold as quickly and profitably as possible.

    But don’t just think that it’s the inside you need to worry about. We’re talking about the well held notion of ‘curb appeal’.  When someone drives up, you as a seller want them to stop and get out and come in. You don’t want them to slow down, take a look, and then keep on driving.

    So here’s the essential things you have to do – paint the house if it needs it – particularly if you’ve currently got it painted in a very personal or unique color. If it’s a home with a front yard, spruce it up! Add redwood bark, plant new plants, trim back excess branches and foliage, rake leaves, etc…..and, this is one thing some people forget, look at your neighbor’s houses.  Is it an eyesore? Do they leave their garbage cans out all week? (my personal pet peeve) Does their front yard need raking?  These are potentially things you might need to address – and sometimes very diplomatically.

    There’s also the backyard to think about too, because you can’t necessarily spruce up the front of the house, and the inside, and blow off the backyard.  A good agent will be able to help you figure out what needs to be done and where, to put your home in the best possible light.

    So now, let’s get to staging.

    Statistics show that houses for sale that are staged, sell faster and for more money than those that aren’t. And I know, everyone can argue statistics, but this goes to something you can’t quite measure, and that is basic human nature and behavior, and moreover, appealing to emotions. Because by staging a house, you’re transforming it into an object of desire! That’s why so many real estate agents work with professional home stagers, because it’s not about fixing a faulty faucet or regrouting your shower. It’s about taking that plain Jane house for sale and turning it into Miss America.

    Some of the other good reasons to stage a house for sale include:

    • Staged homes look better on the Internet. 80% of clients look at Internet listings before they even contact a real estate agent
    • Staged homes make great first impressions on buyers.
    • Staged homes leave a lasting impression. Potential buyers will remember how beautiful the home looked
    • Staged homes come across as better maintained
    • Agents know that staged homes show better and are more likely to show them more often
    • Staging a home makes it easier for potential buyers to imaging living in the home themselves
    Tomorrow’s post will address “Promotion”.
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