• What’s It Take to Sell an Edgewood Park Home? Part 2 — Promotion, Promotion, Promotion


    As mentioned in yesterday’s post, easily 80% of buyers look at Internet listings before they even contact a real estate agent

    Now why is that?… it’s because of the availability and proliferation of MLS data to the general public makes it so much easier to just pull up your laptop, iPad, or real estate app and to narrow down your search from what’s available, to homes that buyers want to see.

    Now there’s the obvious, tactile things that need to happen – well designed and professional looking brochures, professional photography, signage, and open houses.   They’re a necessity, but they’re also table steaks – fundamental competencies.


    The key is, for any seller, how well, and how quickly, is your agent getting your home promoted to the pool of potential buyers out there.  And here quickly is my diatribe on print advertising (my opinion only, but I know I’m not alone in the realtor community with this) – print ads are just not worth the money.  The primary beneficiary of an ad in the local weekly real estate rag, or in the weekly local newspaper, is not your home. It really primarily benefits the agent, and his branding, and the promotion of his name to the masses.  That does really nothing for your bottom line.


    Some of this is going to happen automatically – MLS data feeds its data (syndicates) to many of these websites that buyers use as resources – Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, and many others. Here’s my only warning with those websites….What I’ve found is that, even though they pull their data directly from the MLS, I can’t be so sure they do it on a regular (daily!) basis.  I’ve gotten Zillow and Trulia inquiries about my listings that closed escrow 2 months prior – with the unfortunate requester of that info hopeful that they’ve actually found a home they like!


    Other means of promoting your home: it can’t be overstated, but Social Media should be playing a big part of your agent’s promotional plan.  And this does NOT mean just putting a post on Facebook or Twitter when the home comes on the market.   The digital media that’s produced in support of your listing can be leveraged in vast many ways – virtual tours is one, address-specific domains is another, but most importantly, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).   Part of it comes down to taking these things, and intelligently promoting them.  It’s not about individual posts or tweets, but rather, it’s about promoting content. Hopefully your agent has at least their own website – again, table steaks. Even better, your agent has a blog (or two). Even even better, their own business page on Facebook. Bonus points for their own video channel on YouTube.

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