• Making a Small Home Look Bigger and Show Great

    small house  Small homes can offer very unique advantages.  They can cost less, be cozy and cute, and limit the amount of maintenance that is required. These can be a big plus in an economy where people are tight for money and tight on time.   However, a small home loses its appeal if it is cluttered.  Cramped living is usually never on any buyer’s wish list.  Fortunately, there are a several tips to help you make your small home look bigger and still offer the conveniences of a small house, such as:

    Mirrors. Using mirrors in rooms helps to reflect light – both indoor and outdoor types – and give the illusion that the room is larger. It is a great way to trick the eye and make it seem like there is more home. Mirrors bounce light into the area, helping to brighten up the room.

    Go lean and sleek. When it comes to furniture, the best options for small spaces are lean and sleek designs. Bulky furniture such as sofas with big heavy, oversized pillows and skirts will make the area look smaller and more confined. You can find furniture that is sleek in design and still very comfortable. It will give the room a light, refreshing feel.

    Take it high. If you place your curtain rods closer to the ceiling rather than just above the window frame you will give an optical illusion of a higher ceiling in the room. Also do not use drapes that are flowing out into the room because they will eat up too much of the floor space. Keep it simple.

    Built-in furniture is key. Using built-in furniture such as bookcases and entertainment centers can help save space. Keep in mind that they will become permanent fixtures that you are not going to take with you when you move. So, make sure the space is suitable for the built-ins.  Do not overcrowd a narrow area. Give consideration to how the built-in furniture would function to improve the open space while also thinking about if it would be considered universal to most people – would others find a purpose for it?

    Reduce Clutter. Ultimately, one of the key factors to making a small home look bigger and appealing to your buyers is to downsize on the stuff you stick inside it. Many times people who have smaller spaces try to keep everything they had from the many previous places (some larger) that they have lived in.  This strategy will eventually make any home look small. If it is not in use, not necessary, and not of sentimental value, maybe it is time to let it go in order to let your small home shine in a big way.

    These tips combined with the knowledge of your real estate professional will ensure that your home will show well and as a result will maximize exposure to potential buyers.

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